Sutherland Shires #1 Escort - For The Working Man With Desires And Needs To Be Fulfilled
Hello and Welcome To My Site
My Day time special is $20 off full service booking fees before 6pm daily! 
 I also have frequent fu#%er cards. Where you receive 40% off 5th visit!! This is available when the full rate has been paid e.g: Not the day time rate! I am also able to keep your card with me on file. As i understand that some are unable to take that type of material home!
Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Niki and I hope you can find everything you need. I am focused on providing high-quality service and - I will do everything I can to meet your expectations.
With a variety of offerings from, I am sure you'll be pleased with what's on offer.. Look around my website and if you have any further queries, please feel to call me.
Please do take the time to read what I have mentioned on my site as it explains a'lot about myself and my services and as to why I am The Shires #1 Escort. I am genuine in EVERYTHING that I have placed on here. As you would discover how Eager to please I really am when we met!
I hope to see you here again back for new updates to my website. 
E.g: Swingers(couples club) Evenings, Outdoor Adventures, new photo's and more!! Please call regarding these if desired!!